Client:  Mary
Noticeable improvements:  Indecisiveness, Mental Focus
“Things have become more clear when it comes to making a decision.  I am finding that I am making decisions that better suit me and not just to benefit others.”

Client:  Jhonikwa
Noticeable improvements:  Anxiety, Fear, Nightmares, Physical Pain, Depression, Anger/Rage, Headaches, Mental Focus, People Interaction, Energy Level
“I can enjoy family time.  Sleep way better without the horrible dreams (nightmares).  Finally went to a family function and enjoyed myself without the anxiety kicking in.  I don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.  I can plan my day a little easier.  When things don’t happen as they should, I don’t get aggravated like I use to and yes I recommend this to anyone.”


Client:  Breasia
Noticeable improvements:  Anxiety, Fear, Nightmares, Indecisiveness, Depression, Mental Focus, Energy Level.
“Before my Nexalin treatment I would always feel fear and have really bad nightmares. My excuse would always be maybe it’s the sugar. I was very indecisive and had trouble focusing. Sometimes depression would kick in. But now, now that I’ve done something so amazing to change my mental ways. I feel so much better! I can focus! I can complete task! I have more patience. I think first before responding. I no longer have nightmares. I sleep better at night. I’m in control of my own actions and mind! Thank You Nexalin!”


Client:  Anonymous (feedback from mom)
Noticeable improvements:  Anger/Rage, Mental Focus, Suicidal Thoughts, People Interaction.
“Client has Asperger’s, so he has poor eye contact/conversational skills.  His father (who sees him 2x month) noticed increased eye contact and more fluid/connected conversations.  Client recently had a meltdown with suicidal thoughts and a lot of anger/rage.  He has calmed down considerably since starting Nexalin.”


Client:  Anna
Noticeable improvements:  Anxiety, Nightmares, Depression, Anger/Rage, Energy Level.
“I’m handling the issues in my life caused by others.  They have to change themselves, I can’t do it for them.  Yes I still think about what is going on but I’m not torn up about them now.  I’m not in the fog I was in.  Thinking more clearly.  This is a great tool for anyone.”


Client:  Louanne
Noticeable improvements:  Anger/Rage, Mental Focus,      Energy Level
“I have experienced a more balanced approach to my attitude about food/alcohol.  I have noticed smells more.  I have experienced a kinder relationship with my husband.  Thank you for this experience.  I trust with behavior modifications this will last.”


Client: Hannah

Noticeable improvements: Anxiety, Indecisiveness, Mental Focus, Energy

"One thing I've noticed the most would be energy level and mental focus."


Client: Greg

Noticeable improvements: Mental Focus, Energy Level, Insomnia, Addiction

"Nexalin has helped with my ability to sleep as well as sleep patterns. The Nexalin treatments have reduced my drug cravings and has allowed me to quit drugs altogether."


Client: Mary

Noticeable improvements: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Focus, Indecisiveness, Insomnia

"I have noticed the biggest change in my depression and anxiety. I have felt more motivated and determined to make the right decisions. I am no longer craving drugs. I sleep on a normal schedule. In the past I dreaded seeing the sun rise. The thought of a "new day" brought tightness in my chest, but now I wake up and look forward to reading and starting my day. I'm looking forward to a healthy future."


Client: Isabel

Noticeable improvements: Energy Levels, Insomnia

"Client's father reports that Isabel feels like running. Client reports Isabel smiles more and sleeps better."


Client: Cameron

Noticeable improvements: Nightmares, Mental Focus, Energy Level

"My nightmares have turned into positive dreams. I focus better when having a conversation with someone. I feel relaxed and attentive. My thoughts are clearer. I feel I can react responsibility to bad situations and circumstances."


Client: James

Noticeable improvements: Fear, Mental Focus

"Feelings have fear have diminished significantly since treatment began. I feel secure, safe, peaceful, at ease, more confident and happier overall."


Client: Jane

Noticeable improvements: Anxiety, Physical Pain, Mental Focus, Indecisiveness

"My neck and mid back area had noticeable less tightness. Body feels less fragile. Wonderful overall relaxation!"