Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia = PTSD (Short Version AMAZING STORY)

Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia = PTSD (Longer Version AMAZING STORY)

Traumatic Brain Injury & Insomnia...Symptoms Gone!

5 Year Old Girl's Experience With Severe Trauma

Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

A Lifetime of Depression......Gone!

A Powerful Story of Hope

Genesis Nexalin Program Changed Former Heroin Addict's Life

Pornography Addiction,

Anxiety & Depression

Stress & Anxiety from Corporate Position...Gone

Aspergers / Autism - Off All Medication!!!

Mark White Nexalin Corporation

Mark White Nexalin Corporation

Analysis of a Brain Map Pre & Post Nexalin Treatments

           How Nexalin Therapy changed the            Life of Rachel's Nephew   

(life ofsubstance abuse, lack of social skills)

Trauma, Anxiety & Intrusive Thoughts

Eliminated Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia and a Phobia the Client Had

Social Worker Shares About Client Success Through Nexalin Therapy

Regained clarity, process quicker, eliminated brain fog, before Nexalin I was "burned out."